Production of
'Troy Story'.

In the Museum Event shown on the left, the rectory grounds are being used for the Chorus Theatre's 'play in a day' production of 'Troy Story', with the Old Rectory building itself as the back-drop.

Museum Special Events

Visitors to an exhibition

As well as the regular displays in the Museum, the Old Rectory will, from time to time, put on some special events. These could be topical or themed exhibitions in the Museum itself, or something just a bit different in the grounds of the Rectory or elsewhere.

In recent years we have become a popular venue for art exhibitions showcasing the work of local artists. This page shows examples of some exhibitions held in the Old Rectory.

Events Programme 2022-23: Lectures, Exhibitions, Creative Writing Workshops and Other Events

A provisional programme for 2022-23 has been issued. Please click on the image below to see the most recent programme details (PDF file).

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